Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to Daddy weekend!

Yesterday was Daddy's Bday and my parents had A LOT of people in town to celebrate.  Here is a sneak preview - my mommy bought me a pink bandana!


I'm suppose to be a "thug"..... that's my thug smirk

my aunties and I!! I'm already getting bigger.. can't u tell? I have a matching bandana as auntie lydia too!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not a Lazy Sunday!

Hello All!

First off, mommy wanted to show off more of her St Patty's Day dinner, so I GUESS I'll let her post it on MY blog

My mommy and daddy took me out for a nice long walk this morning!  Then they wanted to take me to ANOTHER shopping area.. Apparently mommy likes to shop a lot. This time they took me to Stanford Shopping Center:

Me on the way to the mall!

Mommy was so proud of me because while they sat and ate, I quietly laid down underneath Mommy's Chair and people watched

We went inside the sonystyle store... but I rather sit outside and have people pet me .  Hi! I look so cute here don't I?

I was a celebrity again at the mall.  EVERYONE wanted to pet me and called me little racoon.  With all the attention, I was completely wiped out on the way back..

Mommy took me on a walk and she took pictures of me and the levee behind our house!

Have a good week everyone!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm now three months old!

What an interesting week has been.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty usual.  I got some extra treats as you can tell from my last post.  They are so yummy.  Even my mommy ate some!  On Wednesday, my mom kept saying something about it being Daddy's day... called St Patrick's Day.  In the afternoon they took me to the VET and they gave me a few more SHOTS! I was so good trying to eat my cheese that i didn't even feel anything!  Afterwards at night, my mommy cooked something that smelled REALLLLYYy good.. and my daddy made this GREEN liquid!!!

Humans are weird.... they drank a few glasses of those green liquid.  I guess on St Patty's Day they like to eat yummy food and drink green liquid.

Then on Thursday, my daddy took me to doggy daycare at the Poochhotel! It was SO much fun.  They even had a camera on me so Mommy and Daddy can watch me wherever they are! Even grandma and grandpa got to watch me on their computer.  I was having a lot of fun... kinda tired when I came home...

Friday I went back to the doggy daycare again! It's WAY better than staying in my crate.. but I was SOOOOO tired after a full day of running and playing.  Good thing my mom asked them to make sure to give me a nap and lunch hour or two.  I was POOPED when I came back.

That's me passed out on the ride home.  My mommy said I was SUCH a good girl since all I did was lay down and sleep!

Today is Saturday so mommy and daddy was around the whole day.  They took me to Burlingame Ave to walk around the street.  SOOOO many people loved me and said I was the most adorable thing they've ever seen! So many people also took pictures of me! I felt like a celebrity.  I was told I should have pictures submitted to win a photo contest.  They kept calling me a racoon and my parents had the nerve to AGREE and LAUGH!!! UGH Oh well I got lots of pets and felt like a princess :)

That's me at the Apple Store!!! I saw a HUGE 150 Ilbs St Bernard there! I felt like a midget next to him.

That's me t the verizon store! I was so good, I waited till I was right outside the store before I took a leak.  My mom was happy i didn't have any accidents in the stores. 

They even had a nice lunch at the Crepevine, and I just sat underneath Mommy's chair and watched people walk around.  Maybe next time I'll make more of a havoc for them ;)

Let's see where else did I go... I went to TWO petstores today with my mommy and Daddy too.  Afterwards, they took me to a DOG PARK!!!! it was fun, but by then I was pretty tired already.  Well, Maybe tomorrow I'll have more adventures.  I'm so excited. but for now I'll be napping...

LOOK.. cookie that has my name on it!

Monday, March 15, 2010

New treats!!

Happy Monday to ALL!

My mommy came home from lunch today with a nice suprise for me.  Special HOMEMADE treats for me!  She ordered it from  There's even husky shaped cookies! I got to have the three cheese flavor and also the blueberry/peanut butter flavor hearts.

that's me checking out the box

me trying to chew the bag - yes i took it from the box

I'm practicing my hunting skills.... beware ducks of redwood shores


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lazy Sunday!

I am so happy it is weekend.  Friday night we went to Happy Hour Social at SF Puppy Prep and I got to play with Kato and Sydney again! I made friends with  black lab named Lila also.  They put me with the bigger dogs since I am playing rougher now.  OOH-RAH!  I also met a half siberian/ half retriever named Gobo.  She didn't really want to play with me too.  I just get SOOO excited and hyper when I see everyone I just want to Play Play Play!!!

Afterwards, I was very pooped.  Mommy made brownies at home and enjoyed some wine with daddy at home while I slept.  On Saturday I got to meet Auntie Sung and Uncle Allen, and Auntie Becca and Uncle Jeff!  Mommy got some really yummy seafood and had the NERVE to not give me any!!! I got pretty tired at night from everyone petting me and me not knowing them.  I had a great night sleep.  I started my puppy class Saturday too! I saw Sydney and Maya again.  I got a new toy from Mommy too! It spits food and treats out.. very cool!

Today, I had a pretty lazy sunday.  Mommy woke up and tried to get me to walk but I'm still a bit wussy.  She took me to the parking lot and started running in circles - what a weirdo... like that would make me more comfortable.  I did see our neighbor's big black lab though so it made me want to walk more, but I'm still a bit scared.  maybe tomorrow.... We also got to go to the PoochHotel.
Daddy said that's where I"ll be going to daycare twice a week.  I met Hazel, a huge five month old boxer mix.  He almost smooshed me! but I wanted to play with him anyways.

ok Boo Monday tomorrow..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BOOO work days!!!

Work days mean boring days for me...

let's see what did I do Monday... Sleep... chew on rawhide... sleep... chew on blanket... sleep.. oh yah did I say sleep yet? Mommy comes home in the afternoon and let me play... Daddy comes home earlier and lets me out too.... but I wish its weekends when we all play together...

So Saturday I went to Grandma and Grandpa's and my grandpa took lots of pictures of me...

"hi .. I'm shy.. I'm so scared I'm not even eating my yummy Greenie"

Be careful.. you might just fall in love with my beautiful eyes... *blink blink*

Sniffing around my grannies house... i was freaked out like a lil kitty cat
sitting next to pops
I'm really thinking.. "who is this strange man hovering over me with this square box?" little did I know its grandpa snapping all these photos of me

sigh is dinner done YETTT

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Puppy Play at SF Puppy Prep!

Hello All!

My mommy said she' so happy today because she got to sleep in till 8 am today.  She thought it was so sweet of daddy to wake up at  6 :30 to take me out in the morning instead.

WOOHOO.  Today has GOT to be one of the best days here so FAR!!! I went to my first puppy social and it was soooo much fun!  I made lots of friends.  Here are some pictures

That is me sleeping this morning before my crazy play date.  don't I look cute :)

my car ride there

When I got there, I was a huge scaredy cat as usual.  But my mommy picked me up and put me in the "shy" dog corner, so I played with the smaller dogs first.  I got freaked out by the golden retreiver puppies! They are SO energetic and crazyyyyyy.  There was also Rambo, this mastiff there... he's HUGE... *shudder*

That is Sydney and me.  He's  beagle.  His mommy is Pearl who knows my mommy and daddy from college!

The black thing in the middle is Maya - a fiesty French Bulldog.  Sydney,  Maya and I are all in puppy school together.

I'm not in this picture , but it's Kato (Alaskan Klee Kai/ Shiba mix), Chloe (french bulldog), and Maya play fighting.  Kato's Daddy, Greg,  is also friends with Mommy and Daddy from college.  Kato is VERY hyperactive.  She can definitely play hard.  I couldn't keep up!

soooo... after a while I decided t just hide underneath a chair that mommy was sittingon and play with the toy by myself while everyone else dukes it out.  

That is me completely pooped out in the kitchen now.

That's it for today! More socials next week. YAY!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yay its saturday!

/. jmjmm,
Hi all!  That was me typing with my itty bitty paws!  Well I didn't get to update ÷≥÷ the past two days because mommy was at work and I was in my crate! By night time I was just having too much fun playing!  I have a lot more energy now that I'm more used to this place.  I'm still scared of walking around the neighborhood though, so mommy keeps calling me a scaredy cat... My daddy also said I look like a cat.... UGH... AS IF!!!!!

So let's see.  Wednesday, mommy said she has to go to work though she will miss me.  She gave me this new thing called a puppy kong?

She put really yummy peanut butter in there.

My mommy was very happy because I didn't have any accidents on Wednesday! But I decided to switch things up a bit on Thursday and Friday.  I was sad Daddy wasn't here.  But I'm glad he came back Friday night.  I was a trouble making while mommy was driving.  I didn't want to sit by myself! So I kept climbing over to her.  She said its making hard for her to drive.

That's me looking pretty in the yard.  peekaboo!  I like to run around the plants like I own the forest!


Here's a new toy my parents got me! IT ROLLS and if I'm lucky some treats come out! HOW COOL!!! I was a scaredy cat as usual and took me a while to gather my guts to play with it .. hehehe but now its so fun!

My daddy keeping me company :) He's awesome

My mommy and I! Check out her clogs.. what a weirdo... 

My mom thinks I look sooo pretty in this harness.  She said it makes me look like I'm ready to be a sled dog.. MUSH! It doesn't bother me at all... I think it makes me look pretty too :p

My parents are taking me to a puppy social tomorrow! I'm so excited!! woohoo!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Second DAY IN THE BAY! (hey that rhymes!)

Woof you all!

Its been quite a day.  In fact I just woke up from a nap.  My mommy was REALLLYYY happy because I didn't whine at all throughout the night and I didn't make a mess in my bed.  I had to make a good first impression don't I? See... us huskies are smart :p

good morning.  I like my crate so much that I don't want to leave my crate sometimes! Or maybe I just like my mom picking me up to go to the stairs when I refuse to get up.  I was so sweeeeppyyyy though!!!

Soooo my mom decided that rain or shine we STILLL take a walk... what a crazy woman!! She fed me then we went out in the pouring rain.  I kinda like it! I've only seen snow so far... but I think i like snow more than rain... i hate my paws getting dirty!  I saw a bicycle today too! freaked me out for a bit! but my mom said good girl for not barking or chasing :) 

Next thing my mom and dad got soo excited.. and WHAT FOR.... THEY took me to the doctors!!! Mommy asked if I was EXCITED... um NO?!? But since she woke me up I was quite tired when I got there.

who says we can't sleep while the doctor is examining me!? I barely felt them poking my butt hole.

My daddy and I.! We both are sporting the mischevious look.

Mommy and Daddy asked the vet a lot of questions... I heard the word bath.. *shudder*... Mommy stopped by the pet store and came back with a mysterious bag.  Daddy was ALL happy when we got home.... then....

UGH! Mom thinks this is a cute picture... who takes pictures when they are BATHING! EXCUSE ME!!! bad picture of me.. but nooo she had to take more...

DO I LOOK like I'm enjoying this? sigh... at least mommy and daddy said I smell better and look better now... as if that was possible :p

Afterwards... another nap!

that's all for now! woof you all!