Monday, September 13, 2010

San Diego... Super Chargerrrsss!!!

... isn't it funny that My name "S"ky starts with an "S" and so does "S"an Diego "S"uper Chargers?? Shows you I have a great name and we cheer for a great team!!!

how's everybody?? I'm sure some of you are VERY excited just like my Daddy because.. oh yes.. its "FOOOOTTBALL SEASSONNNN " as my Dad likes to say.  This is my first football season.. but so far it seems he just keep yelling at the TV on Sundays.  My mom said I better get used to it.  Today my mommy made really good smelling ribs and chicken because she said it's Monday Night Football and my "S"uper Chargers are playing!! I REALLYYY wanted to take a bite.. but too bad everytime i look at the rib for longer than a second she give me an evil look and says "don't even think about it".... GEEZ if I can't EAT it at least i can THINK about it.   Poop.  Till then I"ll stick with chewing my smoked beef hide that doesn't even smell like a smoked hide *pout*

Another great thing about right now is its almost the Moon Festival!... I learned because of that there's Moon Cake.... because of some lady that flew to the Moon.... I wonder what Americans eat cuz of all the people they flew to the moon too!  That Moon cake smells MIGHTY good though~

A few weeks ago my cousins Cosmo and Chloe came to visit. They were pretty scared of me I think.  I can't help it that I'm a puppy and I wanna PLAYYYY!!! It was so nice cuz they let me steal their rawhides and they don't care! So sweet of them!  I think they need to grow more fur because they keep shivering when they see me... I mean... its not THAT cold is it?? lol Check us out... we're a good looking fam ... ok fine. I'm looking a lil goofy... hehehhe

So I'm 9 months later this week... my mommy said I"ve been turning into a brat.  All I did is throw tantrums before going into the car after leaving the dogpark!! I don't WANNA leave!! I wanna PLAYY!!! Wah! My mommy's been making me do a "paw pump" a lot.  She just grabs my paw and keep lifting it in the air! She said that's how people dance! WEIRDOS!!!!

Well I'm going to go watch the game now... goooo "S"uper "S"an Diego Chargers!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

hiiiiii!!! I'm 8 months tomorrow!!


I'm a pincipesa and that is why i haven't updated much!  Well I'm turning 8 months tomorrow! I'm a big girl now!  I'm 40llbs so I'm in female husky range my mom said.. though I'm on the small side.  Some people say I'm either a small husky or a big Klee Khai.  Some call me a fox.. some call me a racoon, a lot of ppl call me a mini wolf at the mall (especially kids)...  Everyone said I'll just gain a couple more pounds then fill out as the years go by.. "FILL OUT" huh... good thing I'm a dog cuz "filling out" doesn't sound too attractive on humans HAHA! Well I guess if I"m human I"d be a really skinny one.  My mommy always say I'm too skinny. What can I say.. I just have a fast metabolism. I'm a HUSKY! I have lots of energy and burn things off quick :D
Lately I've been LOVING my parents' bed.  Every morning I wake my daddy up in the morning by jumping on the bed after mommy walks me.. it makes my mommy laugh EVERY morning.  I think it starts her day our right ... It probably starts my daddy's day out right too... i can't tell if he's joking or not when he  asks me to get off... since my mommy is laughing... I bet you he's joking. :D everyone loves me!

This past weekend my mommy and daddy was FINALLY in town.  We had a great weekend and great family bonding time.  My mommy woke up every day at 7:30 Sat/Sun and took me to doggie park.  It was soooooo much fun!!! I made a new friend called Niko who's also a husky.  He's a redhead, but he's pretty handsome.  Mommy said I already met my soulmate though.. his name was Ike.

It was a Romeo and Juliet story.. I was upstairs in my parents room.. having a normal day.. when suddenly I see a handsome husky come along and stop underneath my window! "Sky" he whimpered.  I scratched the window and bit and my mommy ran over and realized its someone walking their dog around!  We went downstairs and hung out for about an hour ... the mommys chatted, and us huskies just played and then laid out... too bad he never came back :(

I also met another boyfriend over fourth of July weekend.  My mommy and daddy drove me to San Diego ( LONNNNG RIDE btw) and met Leo the boxer.  He's Auntie Cindy's Kid.  He's also kind of shy and quit like me.  We kept kissing that night *blush*.... but long distance just isn't my thing...

sooo.. i guess I'll cheat on him and go for Niko.. he's cute but Ike is hotter... but he's the closest... We have fun together at our doggie park dates.

Well I'll end the post with some pictures.  Nothing too exciting .. just pictures of ME... I'm sure you already saw most of these on facebook


I rule the tables at the dog park!


I'm sweeeeppyyyy mommy keeps taking pictures of me!!

who u lookin AT!

dont' I look so tiny next to these huge st bernards!

What I do every morning! OK the camera snapped at the wrong moment and daddy looks mad.. but he really does enjoy it!

I love life!!! 
damn sun! I'm squinting!

this is by the farmer's market by bay bridge.  That's Joe Yi! I'm actually listening to the jazz music the guy is playing 
Chrissy Fields with my daddy!  this was a few months ago.. so I"m bigger now

taken a second ago.... I tend to pass out everyday around this time.  I just play too much :D 

couch hogger!!! that's me! when mommy look at me like that then she said I do look bigger...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Sorry I've disappeared.  today is a day to celebrate because... I learned where my mommy and daddy sleeps!!! I jumped real high onto this cushiony bed.. MAN their bed is WAY better than mine!!! It was so fun jumping on the bed! I really want to curl up right where their heads are, but they kept pushing me to somewhere else on the bed...humans are weird!

I love belly rubs!

I also love curling into a ball

I'm sun tanning... don't bug me!

My mommy thought I looked very cute and mischievous here.  and I agree... because I was plotting how and when to chew up one of these pillows... It was quite fun but i was in BIG trouble after... let's not get into the story

Go lakers!!! that night was fun because Mango and Gangster came over 

Good Morning! checking out the window

Good morning daddy!!! I just want to give you a lot of morning kisses!!! MUAH

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I got a big BOOBOO :( I got Bit!!!

Poor mee... well not really.. because I didn't feel it much.  I was playing at daycare today with a German Shepherd Dog when he nipped me too hard and i got two big holes in my neck! I actually yipped but kept wanting to play, but they said I couldn't because I was bleeding too much.  My daddy came to pick me up and brought me to an emergency vet...

I ended up with four staples at my neck :((( soooo be nice to me people!!! I'm going to be the princess that I am for now!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hugs and Kisses :)

My mom said its very endearing when my daddy quietly pets me softly when he thinks no one is watching :) I don't mind it so much either.

I'm starting to love the couch now.  I used to not, but now I jump on even when my parents aren't looking:) it's so fun to jump up and down.  My mom said I look very princessy sitting there. well of COURSE :P

OK the classical music that my mom plays when she's gone keeps putting me to sleep. It's an album called Through a Dog's Ear. She's playing it again and I'm dozing off in the sun as I type this by the stairs..

ok nap time!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fun day in East Bay with Brie!

Hi its your favorite princess again :) Lots of exciting things have been happening.  My mommy and daddy said since I"m growing up, they me have more and more room while they are gone.  Since I like the cold marble floor, they let me hang out in the bathroom and use my crate to block my way. Since i'm so smart and all, yesterday I decided to WOW them by crawling and jumping over my crate.  I hung out upstairs until they came home then I suprised them! Boy it was a good surprise :D  I love it when I surprise people! I didn't chew on anything or have an accident, so my parents let me hang out downstairs while they were gone afterwards.  See.. told you I'm smart :)

This is the set up in my new "room"

I like to crawl into my crate to sleep in the middle of the night.  so at the end of the day, YES I still love my crate.  Oh and I like using piggy as a pillow :)

Oh I also like to sleep upside down :) My  mommy caught the moment

more pictures of me

chew chew chew

Oh another exciting thing is... my parents let me go on the couch with them now ... HOWEVER,  I actually don't like being on the couch.. yet.  It's too warm.  I rather sleep on the cold hard marble.  So usually I set up there with them for a few minutes, then I just jump off and go to my favorite spot.

My mommy and i! I'm getting so big!

That's me at the dog park at Foster City.  It's so hot sometimes, all I want to do is hang out by the watering hole.  My mommy and friends splash water on me so cool me off.  I like it when they do that... but if they don't, I just lay down in the water!

If you look closely, the rings around my eyes are fading! That's nice cuz people stop calling me raccoon finally hopefully, but my mommy said she'll miss them

Thats Sam behind me, he's a black and white siberian hottie

Sled dogs unite! I'm so tiny next to them

Today mommy took me to the east bay to hang out with Pammie and her dogs.  We went to the dog park too.  It was a huge sandy dog park.  Brie and I got VERY hot.. so we just lie down on the side walk a few times.  I met Momo too.  Maybe next time momo will want to play with me more 

Mommy didn't have photos of this but, she took me to Dr. Gary Lai's optometry store.  They let me go inside! I felt so cool.  There were a lot of eye glasses everywhere.

I'm so pooped out right now... weekends are GRREAAT!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Picture update to my post below

Hi everyone.  That is my pink bandana again.  I left it at day care, then i got it back.... then i lost it again :(

Anyone know where my bandana isssss?

last weekend my parents gave me a bath... and they HAD to take the time while i'm SHIVERING in the cold to take a picture... really... sigh

Not amused....

the toy snake that my mommy got me after the horrible experience to make me happier... I'm happier :)

sleeing :) I was probably dreaming of chasing bunnies

My play date with Gangster today!

This is the bone I used to have... Gangster decided to take it from me :(

I'm  checking out the canoe and the beautiful water.. bet you it'll be fun to jump in

Gangster and me at the water bowl

Since I jumped into the pond at Mandys house last night, My dad decided to spray me down with water ...this is the aftermath.. I'm NOT happy

me sleeping afterwards.. don't I look cute all cute and curled up!