Tuesday, August 17, 2010

hiiiiii!!! I'm 8 months tomorrow!!


I'm a pincipesa and that is why i haven't updated much!  Well I'm turning 8 months tomorrow! I'm a big girl now!  I'm 40llbs so I'm in female husky range my mom said.. though I'm on the small side.  Some people say I'm either a small husky or a big Klee Khai.  Some call me a fox.. some call me a racoon, a lot of ppl call me a mini wolf at the mall (especially kids)...  Everyone said I'll just gain a couple more pounds then fill out as the years go by.. "FILL OUT" huh... good thing I'm a dog cuz "filling out" doesn't sound too attractive on humans HAHA! Well I guess if I"m human I"d be a really skinny one.  My mommy always say I'm too skinny. What can I say.. I just have a fast metabolism. I'm a HUSKY! I have lots of energy and burn things off quick :D
Lately I've been LOVING my parents' bed.  Every morning I wake my daddy up in the morning by jumping on the bed after mommy walks me.. it makes my mommy laugh EVERY morning.  I think it starts her day our right ... It probably starts my daddy's day out right too... i can't tell if he's joking or not when he  asks me to get off... since my mommy is laughing... I bet you he's joking. :D everyone loves me!

This past weekend my mommy and daddy was FINALLY in town.  We had a great weekend and great family bonding time.  My mommy woke up every day at 7:30 Sat/Sun and took me to doggie park.  It was soooooo much fun!!! I made a new friend called Niko who's also a husky.  He's a redhead, but he's pretty handsome.  Mommy said I already met my soulmate though.. his name was Ike.

It was a Romeo and Juliet story.. I was upstairs in my parents room.. having a normal day.. when suddenly I see a handsome husky come along and stop underneath my window! "Sky" he whimpered.  I scratched the window and bit and my mommy ran over and realized its someone walking their dog around!  We went downstairs and hung out for about an hour ... the mommys chatted, and us huskies just played and then laid out... too bad he never came back :(

I also met another boyfriend over fourth of July weekend.  My mommy and daddy drove me to San Diego ( LONNNNG RIDE btw) and met Leo the boxer.  He's Auntie Cindy's Kid.  He's also kind of shy and quit like me.  We kept kissing that night *blush*.... but long distance just isn't my thing...

sooo.. i guess I'll cheat on him and go for Niko.. he's cute but Ike is hotter... but he's the closest... We have fun together at our doggie park dates.

Well I'll end the post with some pictures.  Nothing too exciting .. just pictures of ME... I'm sure you already saw most of these on facebook


I rule the tables at the dog park!


I'm sweeeeppyyyy mommy keeps taking pictures of me!!

who u lookin AT!

dont' I look so tiny next to these huge st bernards!

What I do every morning! OK the camera snapped at the wrong moment and daddy looks mad.. but he really does enjoy it!

I love life!!! 
damn sun! I'm squinting!

this is by the farmer's market by bay bridge.  That's Joe Yi! I'm actually listening to the jazz music the guy is playing 
Chrissy Fields with my daddy!  this was a few months ago.. so I"m bigger now

taken a second ago.... I tend to pass out everyday around this time.  I just play too much :D 

couch hogger!!! that's me! when mommy look at me like that then she said I do look bigger...