Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Beginnings!

Hello All! As you all should know, my name is Stephanie. Patrick and I just got married six months ago and I suckered him into agreeing to have a dog with me. As part of the compromise, we will be getting a Siberian Husky - which as some of you may know.... I had REALLY wanted one when I was young before we got our collie.

After a year and half of research and talking to NUMEROUS breeders... we finally decided to take the plunge and choose the puppy that we want. I am happy and proud to be bringing home Sky next week! I'll be getting a photo CD from the breeder but for now, here's a few picture of her when she's a few weeks ago - she's going to be 10 weeks this Saturday!!

Yes she is a blue eyed - grey and white purebred lil princess :)

Lucky for Princess Sky - her mommy, ME, have been like a crazy nesting mom and read enough puppy/ training books to pass any puppy test on paper - real life hands on traning - is a whole other matter...I also enrolled her in SF Puppy Prep in SF - yes we're going ALL the way to SF to have our baby trained. Check out their reviews on yelp! hopefully it'll pay off!!!

Well...It'll be a handful! but this will definitely be a great adventure! I will be also exercising with her morning AND night - so Patrick and I will benefit from it too!

Stay tuned till next week!