Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hugs and Kisses :)

My mom said its very endearing when my daddy quietly pets me softly when he thinks no one is watching :) I don't mind it so much either.

I'm starting to love the couch now.  I used to not, but now I jump on even when my parents aren't looking:) it's so fun to jump up and down.  My mom said I look very princessy sitting there. well of COURSE :P

OK the classical music that my mom plays when she's gone keeps putting me to sleep. It's an album called Through a Dog's Ear. She's playing it again and I'm dozing off in the sun as I type this by the stairs..

ok nap time!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fun day in East Bay with Brie!

Hi its your favorite princess again :) Lots of exciting things have been happening.  My mommy and daddy said since I"m growing up, they me have more and more room while they are gone.  Since I like the cold marble floor, they let me hang out in the bathroom and use my crate to block my way. Since i'm so smart and all, yesterday I decided to WOW them by crawling and jumping over my crate.  I hung out upstairs until they came home then I suprised them! Boy it was a good surprise :D  I love it when I surprise people! I didn't chew on anything or have an accident, so my parents let me hang out downstairs while they were gone afterwards.  See.. told you I'm smart :)

This is the set up in my new "room"

I like to crawl into my crate to sleep in the middle of the night.  so at the end of the day, YES I still love my crate.  Oh and I like using piggy as a pillow :)

Oh I also like to sleep upside down :) My  mommy caught the moment

more pictures of me

chew chew chew

Oh another exciting thing is... my parents let me go on the couch with them now ... HOWEVER,  I actually don't like being on the couch.. yet.  It's too warm.  I rather sleep on the cold hard marble.  So usually I set up there with them for a few minutes, then I just jump off and go to my favorite spot.

My mommy and i! I'm getting so big!

That's me at the dog park at Foster City.  It's so hot sometimes, all I want to do is hang out by the watering hole.  My mommy and friends splash water on me so cool me off.  I like it when they do that... but if they don't, I just lay down in the water!

If you look closely, the rings around my eyes are fading! That's nice cuz people stop calling me raccoon finally hopefully, but my mommy said she'll miss them

Thats Sam behind me, he's a black and white siberian hottie

Sled dogs unite! I'm so tiny next to them

Today mommy took me to the east bay to hang out with Pammie and her dogs.  We went to the dog park too.  It was a huge sandy dog park.  Brie and I got VERY hot.. so we just lie down on the side walk a few times.  I met Momo too.  Maybe next time momo will want to play with me more 

Mommy didn't have photos of this but, she took me to Dr. Gary Lai's optometry store.  They let me go inside! I felt so cool.  There were a lot of eye glasses everywhere.

I'm so pooped out right now... weekends are GRREAAT!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Picture update to my post below

Hi everyone.  That is my pink bandana again.  I left it at day care, then i got it back.... then i lost it again :(

Anyone know where my bandana isssss?

last weekend my parents gave me a bath... and they HAD to take the time while i'm SHIVERING in the cold to take a picture... really... sigh

Not amused....

the toy snake that my mommy got me after the horrible experience to make me happier... I'm happier :)

sleeing :) I was probably dreaming of chasing bunnies

My play date with Gangster today!

This is the bone I used to have... Gangster decided to take it from me :(

I'm  checking out the canoe and the beautiful water.. bet you it'll be fun to jump in

Gangster and me at the water bowl

Since I jumped into the pond at Mandys house last night, My dad decided to spray me down with water ...this is the aftermath.. I'm NOT happy

me sleeping afterwards.. don't I look cute all cute and curled up!

It's weeeekend again!!

I agree with mom... weekends need to be longer.. whoever invented the five day is stupid... well.. not that I work.. haha but STILL!!

So this week started pretty TERRRIBE... my mom gave me a nylabone and I got upset stomach.. and to make things WORSE... she STARRRVED me... ugh.  She took my food away and gave me this yucky rice mixture... she said chinese ppl LIKE that stuff and I should too ... ewwwww

After a day of that I FINALLY got to eat my normal food again..

Friday I finally understood the meaning of happy hour~ My mommy and daddy took me over to her friend Amanda's house and I met two collies Riley and Heidi! Heidi is  a year and half old pup.. and she wasn't sure how to play with me at first, but we were best buddies by the end of the night! My daddy took me home when I got tired and I heard Heidi was very sad to see me go.  My mommy said Amanda had to hold on to Heidi to keep her from running to the door when I left :_( I miss her already! She promised me more lay dates.. so hopefully that happens soon!

On Friday I also got to swim for first time... it was an accident really.  Amanda has a pond at her house.  How am I suppose to know what that is??? I was running through her beautiful backyard up and down the stairs with Heidi... next thing you know.. i LEAPed over a rock then PLUNGE! I was ALL wet.  My mommy said everything happened in real slow motion.  All the human adults GASPED then watched me swim out... ok fine it was only a foot deep, but I felt like I was swimming... after I got out I realized how FUN and COOL that was and tried to go back in again, but everyone lunged at me to stop... better luck next time!! :)

Today is Saturday and I get to go to puppy class then I will be having a field day at the dog park with Gangsta ... can't wait!

wuv u all!

pictures to come later.. my mom's going to try to take a picture of me playing soccer... I like to do that with my chews... David' Beckham has nothing on me!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Rainy Weekend

Don't you hate those! I'm DYING for the weekend to come.. then BOOM its pouring cats and dogs! luckily for me, my mommy woke up early Sunday and took me to puppy social in SF in the POURING rain. I got ganged up by two black labs... but I can out run both of them :) Yesterday I had daycare and got my pink bandana back, and today my mommy and daddy took me on a long jog! I'm so pooped after, but it was so fun. We all had tons of fun :) I've learned how to chew my kong a bit more . My mommy decided to throw ALL my nyla bones away today because the edible one caused me bad poopoo, and she read on reviews that some cause harm to dogs! She instead ordered me LOTS of healthy chews and all natural chews... natural this natural that... bla bla bla....My mommy and daddy are watching Glee right now (great songs)... so I'm updating some photos

Here is a NATURAL chew bone that my daddy INSISTED that I liked... NOPE .. I played with it for like a minute.. then BORING!!!

Peanut butter kong... THIS is the good stuff~

Can't... stop... eating... this....
This is how I like to sleep... I like to sleep on the marble because it cools me off though my mom seems to think its uncomfortable.. its quite the contrary..and yes... its quite nice being upside down and strrreettchhhh


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Growing up

Today I realized I can't fit underneath the coffee table anymore...


'nuff said :(

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rainy Easter!!

Happy Easter Everyone!

I was very sad when my parents left me to go to church, so I decided to chew up the corner of my crate mat. ... TAKE THAT hmph... though I was sad to see how upset my parents were... i tried to make it up with some kisses.

Today was RAINING so boo no dog park. Mommy played with me in the house. I'm so happy they let me run up and downstairs now! So much room to run around!! Wheeeeee. My mommy has also been doing training sessions on me every day and night... the coolest thing I learned is rollover and give hand... my grandpa took a video

It's so fun training with mommy. I get lots of treats and then they show me off!

Since it is raining today, my daddy and mommy decided to take me to the petsore so I can "walk" that way. My mommy said hopefully tomorrow we can go to granny's place and I can try their treadmill? What's a TREADMILL!!!! eeek!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Birthday Madness

Hello there,

So I got to rest up from my mommy and daddy's birthday extravaganza.  Below are some pictures!

Daddy's Birthday

My Mommy thought the candle was hiiiillllariousss lol

Then Uncle Qihai, Auntie Lydia and Alice and my mommy took me hiking!  It was really fun.. i felt like a wolf...

Mommy's Bday!!

Daddy got her a princess cake 

Me at the shopping center today.  Checking out the pond

Mommy made me take a picture with the pond...