Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Sorry I've disappeared.  today is a day to celebrate because... I learned where my mommy and daddy sleeps!!! I jumped real high onto this cushiony bed.. MAN their bed is WAY better than mine!!! It was so fun jumping on the bed! I really want to curl up right where their heads are, but they kept pushing me to somewhere else on the bed...humans are weird!

I love belly rubs!

I also love curling into a ball

I'm sun tanning... don't bug me!

My mommy thought I looked very cute and mischievous here.  and I agree... because I was plotting how and when to chew up one of these pillows... It was quite fun but i was in BIG trouble after... let's not get into the story

Go lakers!!! that night was fun because Mango and Gangster came over 

Good Morning! checking out the window

Good morning daddy!!! I just want to give you a lot of morning kisses!!! MUAH