Monday, September 13, 2010

San Diego... Super Chargerrrsss!!!

... isn't it funny that My name "S"ky starts with an "S" and so does "S"an Diego "S"uper Chargers?? Shows you I have a great name and we cheer for a great team!!!

how's everybody?? I'm sure some of you are VERY excited just like my Daddy because.. oh yes.. its "FOOOOTTBALL SEASSONNNN " as my Dad likes to say.  This is my first football season.. but so far it seems he just keep yelling at the TV on Sundays.  My mom said I better get used to it.  Today my mommy made really good smelling ribs and chicken because she said it's Monday Night Football and my "S"uper Chargers are playing!! I REALLYYY wanted to take a bite.. but too bad everytime i look at the rib for longer than a second she give me an evil look and says "don't even think about it".... GEEZ if I can't EAT it at least i can THINK about it.   Poop.  Till then I"ll stick with chewing my smoked beef hide that doesn't even smell like a smoked hide *pout*

Another great thing about right now is its almost the Moon Festival!... I learned because of that there's Moon Cake.... because of some lady that flew to the Moon.... I wonder what Americans eat cuz of all the people they flew to the moon too!  That Moon cake smells MIGHTY good though~

A few weeks ago my cousins Cosmo and Chloe came to visit. They were pretty scared of me I think.  I can't help it that I'm a puppy and I wanna PLAYYYY!!! It was so nice cuz they let me steal their rawhides and they don't care! So sweet of them!  I think they need to grow more fur because they keep shivering when they see me... I mean... its not THAT cold is it?? lol Check us out... we're a good looking fam ... ok fine. I'm looking a lil goofy... hehehhe

So I'm 9 months later this week... my mommy said I"ve been turning into a brat.  All I did is throw tantrums before going into the car after leaving the dogpark!! I don't WANNA leave!! I wanna PLAYY!!! Wah! My mommy's been making me do a "paw pump" a lot.  She just grabs my paw and keep lifting it in the air! She said that's how people dance! WEIRDOS!!!!

Well I'm going to go watch the game now... goooo "S"uper "S"an Diego Chargers!!