Friday, September 9, 2011

Sky's Observations of Mommy make up shopping!

Morning everyone! Sky here as promised trying to update a bit more.  Summer has come and gone .. which suits me because I like cooler weather anyways!  Labor Day was pretty good.  I got to go play with my friends at PoochHotel.  This week all I've been hearing is dad talking about Fantasy Football.  Mommy has been getting packages in the mail.  She squeals whenever she opens a box and plays with all her "toys".... she even shares with me what they are.. psh like I really care what a blush or brush is... sigh... here's a little bit of what I learned

Mommy saw the above eyeshadow and nail polish set and HAD to get it.  She loved the purple and black and the nail polish colors for fall seems irresistible... AND it comes with a blush!  She can jsut put it in her purse for her traveling compact!  Click here if you guys are interested.

 when she saw the little pouch above.. she was like "OMG THE CUTEST TRAVELING BRUSHES EVER!!!"... She went on and on about how it fits in her hands and its just so convenient to take around... Dad and I just looked at her and nodded... but I suppose it is cute... looks like a fun toy to chew up to me!! This is the Mark Go with the Pro mini brush kit. Check it out!

Then she got the eyeshadow and lipgloss palette.  She loves every single color on the eyeshadow side... and they all go on nicely pigmented!  Unfortunately the lipgloss side (it flips around and its the eyeshadows on the other) is all sold out... but they have a new palette with face shimmer on the other side here

If you guys want to look around the website, click on shop the magalog.  There's a free shipping code too!  MARKFS30

shop away my dear human friends... I hear mommy has more stuff coming in next week :-/

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