Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Attempt at colored tips!

Hello everyone!

Sky was so nice to let me be the guest editor today.. she's completely wiped out from the HOT HOT weather outside!

So I've been seeing a lot of color blocking theme everywhere in fashion, and it includes our nail colors too!  I like the idea of different colors on your nails because it gives us a sense of individuality.  It may not be for everyone, ie my mom thought my nails just got dipped in dirt LOL.  I still like it so I decided to post my first attempt for everone to see!

These are by no means any sort of instructions as I have not mastered it yet... and if you know me well.. i HATE painting my nails... I HATE getting my nails done as well because it is so boring sitting there (i don't like massages)  But I do like nice looking nails... so I'll give you some product reviews:

Here is a summary of what is needed : nail polish remover, nail buff and file, your choice of nail color.  You can pick two or three.  I went with a plummy color (below) and also the Mark. Grey nail polish (so sexy hot.... buy it here)  The silver and the grey would go really well together too.  

step 1: remove any nail polish and buff nails smooth, then apply a nice base coat.  I love the Orly base coat.  The brush covers your nails very well so you pretty much only need one swipe

 step 2: put your MAIN nail color on (once again I went with the plummy color below).  Put two coats and let dry
 step 3: use your secondary color (in my case the grey Mark.) polish and just put lightly on the tip.  I found it easier to make sure there's not TOO much polish on the brush.  Also choose a color that is good enough with one coat.  That's why I liked my Mark polish.  One coat was dark enough and was opaque enough too!

step 4: let air dry for about 5 mins then put the Seche Vite Top Coat on.  I HIGHLY recommend the Seche Vite top coat.  I've used OPI and Orly quick dry nail polishes before.  I thought the OPI was great.... until I got the Seche Vite one... MUST BUY... you can get it at your local Ulta

Not bad for my first try I think... I just got a Sally Hansen nail polish pen, so I might put a review up on that and I'll have better technique to share! 

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